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Thank you for dropping in to learn more about me!  Hi Debby Beachy Here!

I’m a  passionate network marketer connecting people to people, team builder, world traveler, personal development advocate, and social media zealot using my videos to connect with people, and give valuable tips on this industry of network marketing that I love so much!

My mission is to:

      • Build  a legacy of wealth that will be passed down to my children’s children with love, and caring for all peoples.
      • To  always find creative ways to give back to communites here and abroad.
      • To be  a student/servant with humility, more and more letting go of my ego. There  is never a time you stop learning!
      • To trust by faith that God always has everything under control, and have a firm belief that all good things come for those who press forward by faith!

My personal side:

I was born and raised in Indiana and moved to Wisconsin in 1992, so you can say I’ve been a mid-west girl my whole life. I’m the mom of seven wonderful kids, three girls and four boys, and the last two are twins. Raising the kids was fun, challenging, sleepless, hard work, and very rewarding! All seven kids are gone out of the house with lives of their own, I’m so proud of them all! Just to have a little fun with you, which two do you think are the twins? :lol:

My Seven Kids

In those early years of raising the kids, I wanted to do something more. I think mostly, “doing something more,” was really for my own well being. I wanted to contribute financially to the family in some way, but I knew working outside the home was not an option. I knew I was talented with my, “sewing skills,” and had connections with people that designed window treatments. Designing window treatments was an opportunity that really appealed to me. So I opened my first real business in the mid 80′s. I was blessed to learn the window treatment trade from a 92 year old Mennonite lady. I will always be grateful for her help. I worked with interior decorators, and for myself for eight years. I installed window treatments in homes and businesses! :-)

Wisconsin Years:

In 1992 we moved to Wisconsin which I call, “the man state.” People come to Wisconsin to: fish, hunt, boating sports, eat cheese, raise kids, cheer on the Packers, drink beer, snow ski, and vacation in cabins. As far as the window treatment business… blinds, or nothing at all, is the standard. No matter how hard I worked to launch my window treatment business in Wisconsin, it wasn’t going to happen. I made the decision to move on after a couple of years.

I researched what my new community needed, and wanted. In the spring of 1995 I launched my new business, “Debby’s Personalized Cleaning Service,” which became the business that helped to support my family through all their high school years. My cleaning business was the corner stone of my strong entrepreneur spirit. I had many employees, and worked over three counties. I was also featured in a local TV show called, “Spot Light For Small Businesses.” It was intimidating, as had never been under strong lights and camera before. There would be no cutting the tape, it would be completely spontaneous. YIKES! :-? This one experience laid the foundation for creating videos on YouTube today. I have to thank Mr. Dick Judy my hometown business mentor and friend to thank for this.

The kids were big in cross country, specially the boys. They started to run in the seventh grade, and continued through their senior year. My cleaning business allowed me the freedom to never miss a cross country event in which I’m very thankful. After ten years of working, and raising kids my life was changing once again, and it was time to move onto something different, bigger, and better. I closed down my cleaning business over a three year period which was very emotional for me. I was unsure of what I was going to do next. Typical of me, I would never think about, “getting a job,” rather I think about, “what can I do now.”

Network Marketing:

Back in the early 80′s I went to a house presentation for Amway. I instantly loved the business model of network marketing and joined the company on the spot. Unfortunately, my up line didn’t have any training/mentoring to be successful, which means I didn’t get any training/mentoring to be successful either. The one good thing that came out of this was, the seed of network marketing was forever planted in my heart never to be forgotten.

In 2008 (a few years after my cleaning business dissolved) I found myself online and ran right into a guy named, Jonathan Budd. I was one of the first three hundred people that landed into his system at that time called “The Seven Figure Networker.” This was my beginning with online network marketing, and the use of technology, and how it played a huge part in building a tribe of people. Mostly what I learned in this system was, how to be an online entrepreneur, and personal development zealot ,which plays a huge part in your success as an entrepreneur. 

A nice lady on FaceBook connected with me through a video in a very special way. She gave me an e-book to read called, “Success In 10 Steps.” I read the whole book, and wow, it made so much sense to me. I understood from reading this book why I struggled back in the 80′s with Amway. I turned to the system called, “Mentoring For Free” which was a networking life savior for me and thousands of others. The Mentoring For Free system is where I truly learned and understood the business model of network marketing and how to talk with people. 

Looking to the future

There has been ups and downs being a network marker. The hardest thing I’ve had to go through was, my company of three years was bought out by another company that I didn’t care to be a part of. Looking back, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. All successful people fall at one point or another. when this happens, make sure you fall forward. Never let go of your dreams. Get yourself back up. Dust yourself off, and run forward once again. After soul searching, an opportunity came which positioned me in a place to succeed beyond what I ever could have in my former company.

I’m now looking to a bright new future, and I’m happy to say many of my partners have followed me. It’s so important to build up the know, like, and trust; or you can say, “family.” It’s the foundation of living the dream of network marketing!

The internet is still a great way to connect with people abroad, but I’ve developed my skills (thanks to so many) to talk with people in my home community, and my state of Wisconsin.

I am now traveling in my state, in the United States, and abroad helping my partners (family) to launch their business in their community. I also am a firm believer in technology for team, mastermind meetings, and to introducing the opportunity to potential prospects by using Google +.

The Future:

I desire to develop my skills as an inspirational speaker, I also see a book in my future. As long as this post is, I’ve not come close to my full life story. My family keeps encouraging me to write, but I don’t feel like the last chapter is ready to be written. Oh gosh friends, there is so much to say. A woman holds so much in her heart, it’s like a vast sea.

To Your Success and God Bless!

Debby Beachy db

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